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General/ Family Physicians



     Dr. B. Davis

     Dr. B. Hafeez      (accepting new patients)

     Dr. N. Hoover

                                    Dr. A. Kurytnik  (Maternity leave)                  

                                    Dr. R. Moodliar 

                                    Dr. P. Narothum

                                    Dr. M. Rashid

                                    Dr. P. Sriram

                                    Dr. A. Surkan  (Maternity leave)

                                    Dr. G. Surkan







       Dr. Y. Pillay

      Dr. O. Mabadeje

      Dr. K. Lumb

                                     Dr. E. Royeppen

                                     Dr. A. Hunter


        Dr. A. Bensaleh - Internist

        Dr. A. Martin - Endocrinologist/ Internist

        Dr. P. Acheampong - Hypertension, Stroke/Internist





Our physicians are able to do a variety of medicals including immigration, employment and SGI which are by appointment only. 

We have up to date equipment as well as electronic health records.

Please call our office at 306-764-1513 

to book an appointment.